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Each NECA Chapter is governed by the local contractors who make up its membership.  Typically the members involve their key management and staff in the development and oversight of chapter services.  The result of this broad based participation, is an association that is continually refined to meet the evolving needs of the membership.  In addition to local services, members also have access to the staff, programs and resources of the national association.  Together, these provide NECA members with a comprehensive source for information and an effective vehicle to create positive change in both their local and national business environments.

Highlights of Chapter Services

(Most of these successful programs and services are made possible only through the involvement and leadership of our Chapter members.)


Members of NECA find themselves in a unique position.  A position of sufficient power to shape their own business environment.  Although competitors, NECA members in the local Chapter and in the Chapters worldwide, share the same desire for a strong and healthy electrical industry.  Instead of just playing the cards dealt them, NECA members stack the deck to favor contractors who deliver quality services such as the best in materials, skilled craftsmanship, safe and productive job sites, high value for each construction dollar, and strong business integrity.

Locally, this Chapter prides itself on the many ways that it has helped improve the business environment.  Chapter members have played an important role in the development and continuing administration of the WV Contractors Licensing Law and the WV Electrician Licensing Law.  They have also had a significant impact on several rulings made by the WV Public Service Commission relating to electric and telecommunications utilities.  These and the other important contributions made by NECA members, allow them to be more effective competitors.  NECA members strive to raise the standards of the work performed in the industry, by fighting any initiatives that would undermine the delivery of anything but quality to the consumer.

Education & Networking Get-A-Ways

The Chapter sponsors two weekend events at resort destinations throughout the region, i.e. Canaan Valley, Glade Springs, The Homestead, The Greenbrier etc.  These feature educational meetings, opportunities to network with other contractors and associate members, and plenty of free time for recreation.  The cost are subsidized by the Chapter to encourage attendance.  Many member bring their office and supervisory staffs.  These are family events with activities for adults and children of all ages.

Chapter members can also participate in two outstanding annual trips sponsored by the national and regional offices.  NECA'
s Convention and Exposition is held annually in the nation's most attractive cities, and the Spring Meetings are held in luxurious resort destinations such as Hawaii, London England, Colorado Springs and the Bahamas.  The Chapter often offers a financial reimbursement for members who attend these functions.  The reason for the incentive is simple, opportunities abound for contractors to gain new ideas, make important contracts and discover new ways to improve their businesses.  The more successful contractor members become, the stronger the Chapter becomes.

Collective Bargaining

The Chapter coordinates the union agreement negotiations process.  Efforts are made to promote conditions which will help members increase profitability and market share, while at the same time satisfying the needs of the skilled work force.  Members also sit on other policy setting committees such as the grievance (labor-management) committee, pension and health benefit funds, JACT or Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committees and LMCC's or Labor Management Cooperation Committees.

Chapter Library

Available to borrow are a large variety of resources in print, video and computer formats for many topics including safety, management, marketing and much more.

Individual Member Needs

Members can rely on the Chapter to assist them with specific problems they run up against, and equally important, to assist them in taking advantage of opportunities that present themselves.  The Chapter staff can serve as the member's additional overhead employees in times of a crunch.  NECA's professionals are highly skilled in problem solving and have a national network of industry contracts to help get the right information quickly.  Examples: Substance Abuse Policy, EEOC Regulations, NEC questions, OSHA Inspections, Financing alternatives, New Technologies etc.

The NECA Chapter is structured to serve a wide variety of contractor members.  A newer and smaller firm might find NECA's programs on safety or the other essential elements of a construction business the most attractive.  As the company evolves, NECA and other member contractors stand ready to assist with specialty marketing advice, worldwide business contracts, and peer groups to help troubleshoot problems and learn of how to take advantage of hidden opportunities.  The NECA member is never alone, they always have the support of others in the industry who share their drive for success.

Jobs In Other Parts of the Country/World

The NECA Chapter has successfully assisted its members in securing work in other states and other countries.  Reliable information is often the difference between a profitable and well run project and a "black hole" project that sucks both your financial and managerial resources dry.

NECA National Services

Visit necanet.org for a complete presentation of services.  Examples of what you will find:  Marketing, EC Magazine, NECA Foundation, Safety, Insurance/Bonding, Convention/Exposition, Technical and Training, Governmental Affairs, Management Education, Labor Relations and much more.


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